Recruitment industry is a 6 billion dollar industry as per Antal International Industry where the demand of the recruiters grew by 63% between 2016-19. So, if the industry is growing tremendously where revenue is directly proportional to the number of jobs, then why unemployment is one of the major challenge ?? The only reason is lack of authenticity & transparency. After spending years in industry today we are going to list out why it is one the most fraudulent business.

Today majority of job seekers face more challenges in finding a job rather than in the job. Internet gives us freedom to access information from any corner, any time but it didn’t give any assurance to the user about the relevancy of that information. There are several platforms which connects job & job-seekers to make recruitment easier and Initially their intention was to solve a common problem, but today that solution is the biggest problem not only for a job seeker but also for the organisations. In the world of technology data is more precious than time & money and that’s what making this industry fraudulent. We all know the rate of population and the youth percentage which is above 60% makes it even more competitive. Following are the major issues-

  • Authenticity
  • Transparency
Irrelevant Applicants
Under-qualified Applicants
More time on sourcing than screening
No talent pipeline
Recruitment cost & time
Too much sourcing technology
Vacant seats
Unprepared candidates
Employer Branding
Local Talent
Fake job post
Updating wrong information
Spend long in searching than preparing
No direct connection
Registration charges
Too much sourcing technology
Can’t wait too long
Lack of awareness
No direct connection
Lack of assurance
Local Jobs

Anyone with internet access can apply to a job and employers can receive volumes of resume and cover letters. That can compromise the amount of time an employer can spend on reviewing them. Also, bad or unqualified applicants waste a lot of HR’s time, they are less likely to see a thoroughly read on application that is fully qualified. By posting a job in a trade journal, you can almost guarantee that the applicants will be relevant but posting on social media will increase the chances of getting hundreds of applications and many of which will not be relevant.

An authentic & transparent network is the only solution

Finding a position in spite of the hurdles in a job seeker’s way is a challenge. However, it is a challenge that potential employers can take steps to make easier. Reviewing hiring and application processes to be more efficient and applicant-friendly will go a long way towards removing the challenges within the hiring process. Making your organization’s job openings easier to find, being transparent about your company, and redoing your job descriptions will also help ease the path of the job seekers and applicants that your organization needs to fill open positions and achieve its potential.



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