Education is a fundamental right and a fundamental right in India was estimated at US$ 91.7 billion in FY18 and is expected to reach US$ 101.1 billion in FY19.

Education is acquiring the essence of learning habits that are all required to be learnt in this human life so as to live like a human being & without being inhuman with any body or any living creatures at any point of time -throughout one’s life. Bharat has the oldest and richest history on this planet not only economically but also geographically & educationally.

Education means that process by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased, and intellect is sharpened as a result of which one can stand on one’s own feet. The prime aim of education should be spiritual growth and development” said the greatest monk, Swami Vivekananda who left is body on 04 July 1902 almost 45 years before our independence.

Today education in India is nothing more than a business. Today an educated person is less human than an uneducated person. Mark-sheets are more important than values. Our education system is the only reason for rise in the number of old age homes, rapes, domestic violence, dowry, starvation death, anti-nationalism. Education is inversely proportional to crime because an educated person suppose to have moral and social values, so how come the rate of crime and population was going up drastically. Why ?? There is a reason behind everything…

Evaluate India’s education system by yourself.

India’s first prime minister who was the slave of western culture never gave importance to Bharat’s history, culture & education system. I am not sure how many of you are aware that the education system of India was designed by Thomas Babington Macaulay in February 1835. His motive was to westernized education in India. English was made the official language for the government and courts, and was adopted as the official medium of instruction. On 15 August 1947, after 112 years we had a chance to rebuild our nation but we failed because Britishers left and gave governance in the hands of their slaves to keep their control. Our first education minister (Maulana Abul Kalam Azad) was a part of strategy to destroy the culture & teachings of Bharat.

History subject in India’s education system have everything about Britisher & Mughals who invaded our motherland, killed millions of people in the name of religion, burned our libraries & universities but our system doesn’t teach about our ancient history, teachers and their teachings.
Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu (Mother Teresa) who was born in Skopje, North Macedonia and worked to change the religion of people in our nation and doesn’t know any thing about Bharat was awarded by Bharat Ratan. I am just going to mention some names you might be familiar with but just think once, did your school teach you anything from their teachings ????

Guru Ved VyasGuru ParshuramGuru Dronacharya
Maharishi ValmikiGuru VashishtaGuru Vishwamitra
Guru BrihaspatiGuru ShankracharyaGuru Sandipan
ChanakyaGautam BuddhaSwami Vivekananda
Most powerful teachers in the History of mankind

Every individual works hard to educate their children to find a good job, handsome salary, a beautiful wife but are we concerned about teaching them values. Today it’s a responsibility of parents to teach values to their kids otherwise some day their kids will send them to an old-age home. When I meet people in old-age homes they cry not because they are alone but because they were so busy in earning money for the future of there kids and missed an opportunity to teach them the values and culture of BHARAT.

This is a time to think about the education of your child once again. Do not just run behind the competition to win the race of economic well being, rather than teach them culture & values to win the race of being a good human being.

विद्या नाम नरस्य रूपमधिकं प्रच्छन्नगुप्तं धनम्
विद्या भोगकरी यशः सुखकरी विद्या गुरूणां गुरुः ।
विद्या बन्धुजनो विदेशगमने विद्या परं दैवतम्
विद्या राजसु पूज्यते न हि धनं विद्याविहीनः पशुः ॥

विद्या इन्सान का विशिष्ट रुप है, गुप्त धन है । वह भोग देनेवाली, यशदात्री, और सुखकारक है । विद्या गुरुओं का गुरु है, विदेश में वह इन्सान की बंधु है । विद्या बडी देवता है; राजाओं में विद्या की पूजा होती है, धन की नहि । इसलिए विद्याविहीन पशु हि है

Knowledge is the unique form of human being, secret wealth. She is indulgent, popular, and pleasurable. Knowledge is the guru of gurus, abroad knowledge is a brother of humans. Education is a great deity; In kings, lore is worshiped, not wealth. Therefore, he is an animal without knowledge.



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